MPHRP remembers hostages

Remembering those seafarers being attacked and kidnapped by pirates.

Day of the Seafarer 2014

Remembering those seafarers being attacked and kidnapped by pirates.
Approximately 500,000 seafarers annually sail in seas where pirates operate.

As the world celebrates the Day of the Seafarer 2014 and pays tribute to their dedication and contribution to global trade, MPHRP and its partners also remember the 38 seafarers and fishers still held hostage by Somali pirates and those that are increasingly being attacked in the Gulf of Guinea, the Straits of Malacca and elsewhere.

MPHRP chair Peter Swift said “Following the successful release earlier this month of 11 seafarers from the MV Albedo after 1288 days in captivity and the joyous reunions with their families, we remember today those that are still held hostage in Somalia, all of whom have been held for more than two years – some for over four years, and the terrible ordeal and hardship that they and their families back home are suffering.” He continued “we encourage all stakeholders to do everything possible in their power to secure their prompt release and to support and assist them and their families.”

MPHRP Acting Programme Director Hennie la Grange said “While piracy in the Indian Ocean is contained, it is not eradicated. Pirates retain the capability to operate in the region and will no doubt resume activities if the industry’s guidance on best management practice is not diligently applied and naval forces were to be withdrawn.” Commenting on the attacks in West Africa and the South China Seas, La Grange said: “In 2013 almost 2000 seafarers were attacked at sea. All seafarers and families affected by piracy should have access to support services to help them cope and recover. The MPHRP’s partners are committed to helping the growing number of seafarers and families who have been affected or are threatened by piracy.”


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