Piracy hinders Nigeria maritime

Ernest Shonekan said piracy and robbery were responsible

Piracy, armed robbery hinder Nigeria maritime industry growth – Shonekan

A former Head of State, Ernest Shonekan, on Tuesday said sea piracy and armed robbery were responsible for the underdevelopment of the nation’s maritime industry.

Mr. Shonekan, who said this at the opening of the 13th Maritime Seminar for Judges in Abuja, added that the unwholesome activities were giving the nation bad name in the international community.

The former head of state, who is the Chairman of the three-day seminar, said that the negative activities in the industry were affecting the nation’s economy.

“Nigeria needs to collaborate with other African countries like Sao Tome and Principe, Benin Republic, Congo, Angola, Mozambique and the land-locked countries to tackle critical issues in the maritime industry,’’ he said.

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