Piracy on rise in SE Asian waters

Ship hijacking brings piracy to international attention once again.

Piracy in South-East Asian Waters on Rise

The hijacking of a Thai cargo ship while travelling from Singapore to Indonesia this week has brought the issue of piracy in the south-east Asian seas to international attention once again.

In a report by experts at the Nautilus Institue for Security and Sustainability, a not-for-profit organisation that explores hard to solve global problems, the rise of piracy in south-east Asia cannot simply be halted by ramping up patrols in the global piracy hot spot.

The organisation argues that five factors are of particular importance in shaping piracy in south-east Asia: “over-fishing, lax maritime regulations, the existence of organised crime syndicates, the presence of radical politically motivated groups in the region, and widespread poverty.”

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Source: ibtimes.co.uk

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