Somali piracy over, says French general

General said last week that piracy around Somalia no longer poses a threat.

Somali piracy over, says French general

Stephen Spark

General Jean François Hogard, commander of the French forces in the southern zone of the Indian Ocean (FAZSOI), said last week that piracy in the seas around Somalia no longer poses a threat to merchant shipping.

The general, who has just completed his three-year term as head of Réunion-based FAZSOI, nevertheless warned President James Michel of Seychelles that the causes of piracy have not yet been eradicated.

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MSR: It’s an interesting comment, and we wonder how well it was received by EU NAVFOR HQ. Maritime Security Review understands that there is great concern amongst the naval coalition forces that the shipping industry has become complacent over the lack of successful attacks in the region. Piracy in the Indian Ocean is currently being held in check by the combined efforts of naval forces and shipping companies who contract PMSCs and enforce Best Management Practice. However, we have anecdotal evidence that some shipping companies are now failing to enforce BMP measures and this should be of great concern to all stakeholders.

It must be said that remarks such as this can be taken out of context and may well prove to be unhelpful in the long term. Currently, the SW monsoon is in effect in the region, meaning a reduction in small boat operations in blue water. It would be dangerous to look at the current lack of reports and assume that the problem has gone away. Until the root causes are tackled on land, the risk of piracy will always remain in the region.


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