Fiji police conclude high seas probe

Investigation in to ‘murder at sea’ video concludes locally.¬†

Fiji police conclude high seas probe

Fiji police say they have concluded their investigation into a video which surfaced in Fiji last week showing men being shot from vessels on the high seas.

There was speculation the five killed were Fijian seafarers.

Fiji’s Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald says a thorough investigation has confirmed they are not Fijian and the video was shot somewhere in the Indian Ocean and involved a confrontation between Asian fishing crews and pirates.

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3 Replies to “Fiji police conclude high seas probe”

  1. Trevor Hollingsbee

    B12353 is almost certainly a Taiwanese Tuna fisher. Some regional media comments say port of registry Kaoshiung is legible on her stern, and that Thai, Mandarin and Vietnamese language are audible. One of the vessels in the video looks like it could be paramilitary.

  2. mike

    They made a show about this the just used there flag and letters he was in the mafia the guy who had them killed the poor guys killed were arabic.Watch the show online it is called lawless oceans

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