Royal Navy exercises with Nigerian Navy

Opportunity to share knowledge and experience.

Royal Navy exercises with Nigerian Navy

A Royal Navy frigate has been training with the Nigerian Navy allowing for an exchange of skills and techniques.

HMS Iron Duke paid a short visit to Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa’s most populous city where the frigate worked with the Nigerian Navy as well as hosting a UK Trade and Industry Expo.

The Portsmouth based Type 23 frigate is the second Royal Navy ship to visit the city after HMS Portland berthed there back in February.

Iron Duke’s ship’s company were given the opportunity to work closely with members of the Nigerian Navy and carried out lessons in navigation, seamanship, firefighting and damage control techniques as well as first aid.

The training also allowed the ship’s boarding team the chance to share their knowledge with their Nigerian colleagues.

This culminated with an ‘at sea’ exercise where the Nigerians boarded Iron Duke from one of their vessels and carried out searches.

Rear Admiral SI Alade, the Flag Officer Commanding Western Naval Command of the Nigerian Navy, sailed with Iron Duke for the day to see his ships in action.

Chief Petty Officer (Underwater Warfare) Norm Brindley, is one of the ship’s firefighting and damage control experts. He said: “The training proved very useful, it’s always good for us to conduct training with other navies as it forces us to review our own techniques.

“Training with the Nigerian Navy was particularly interesting; they do a lot of things under the same principles as our methods so it was a good refresher for both sides.”

While Lieutenant Oliver Behan, one of the ship’s boarding officers, said: “The two days were an excellent chance to work with regional partners and assist the Nigerian Navy with its training.

“It was a chance for both navies to see how the other conducts boarding operations and all of us were able to take some valuable lessons from the two days.”

One day of the visit was dedicated to showcasing British trade and industry, which allowed a number of companies to host Nigerian dignitaries and delegates onboard HMS Iron Duke.

While another was dedicated to sports with 14 members of the ships company going off to play volleyball. In a best of three – Iron Duke lost the first game, but won the second and third to take the tournament.

Able Seaman (Logistics) Keith Simon said: “All in all, the tournament was a tremendous success and I definitely look forward to similar tournaments throughout the rest of the deployment.”


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