Bangladesh no longer pirate prone

PM looks to build on blue economy. 

‘Bangladesh no longer in pirate prone countries’

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said journey in the sea route is safe now as Bangladesh is no longer in the list of pirate prone countries.

She made the statement while addressing an international workshop on blue economy held in the capital’s Shonargaon hotel on Monday morning.

The premier said Bangladesh lacks technologies which can be used for extracting the resources in the sea.

She said: “We have got our right over the resources in the sea with the two maritime verdicts and now we can use and extract them without any hindrance.

“But neither the people of the country still do not have much knowledge about the resources nor do we have enough technologies to extract them.”

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MSR: We must assume that the PM is talking about the dangers of piracy from Somalis, as the Bay of Bengal is still a dangerous place for local fishermen.

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