Iran, China to conduct navy drills

Chinese fleet docks in Iran. 

Commander: Iranian, Chinese Navies Readying to Conduct Joint Naval Drills

TEHRAN – The Chinese forces sailing on a fleet of warships that docked in Iran’s Southern port city of Bandar Abbas earlier today are due to practice joint naval exercises with their Iranian counterparts, a commander said Saturday.

“Discussing and studying the two countries’ naval relief and rescue operations and drills, confronting sea incidents and accidents and gaining the necessary technical preparedness are among the actions to be practiced with the Chinese army forces,” Commander of Iran’s First Naval Zone Admiral Amir Hossein Azad said on Saturday.

“The voyage of the Chinese army’s fleet of warships for the first time in the Persian Gulf waters is aimed at joint preparation of Iran and China for establishing peace, stability, tranquility and multilateral and mutual cooperation,” he added.

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