Network to cover Omani fishermen

Comms network would link all fishing vessels and provide early warning of incidents including piracy.

Network to cover 15,000 fishing boats in Oman

Written by Conrad Prabhu

MUSCAT — Oman’s 15,000-strong fleet of fishing boats will be brought under the coverage of a state-of-the-art maritime communications network currently under development along the Sultanate’s coastline.

The new network, built on the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) standard, will enhance all communications between ships at sea and between ships and the authorities located on mainland Oman.

GMDSS is a worldwide distress and maritime radio safety system that delivers additional safety measures and ensures they will receive help quickly in the event of emergency. The network envisaged in Oman will be beneficial to government ministries and naval agencies responsible for maritime affairs, search and rescue, counter pollution and general maritime safety and security plus the shipping industry, ports, fishing and pleasure craft community.

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