US set to join ReCAAP

America to become 20th member of ReCAAP.

Look out, Asian pirates: US set to enter the fight

Ted Kemp

In a sign of how seriously the United States is taking a growing maritime piracy problem in Asia, the U.S. will join a multinational organization battling crime at sea next month.

As CNBC reported this week, piracy is mushrooming in the area of the Strait of Malacca and Singapore Strait, a shipping bottleneck that sees one-third of the world’s annual commercial maritime traffic, making it the busiest waterway on earth.

On Sept. 23, the United States will formally become the 20th member of ReCAAP, a Singapore-based organization that’s working to get a handle on maritime crime in the region. Piracy there increasingly includes not just quick robberies but the theft of entire cargoes—especially fuel oil and other petroleum products, which pirates siphon off onto their own tankers.

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