Ships warned that piracy still exists

Despite lack of pirates’ success, the problem is still there.

Ships warned that piracy still exists

DUBAI // Merchant vessels and yachts have begun sailing dangerously close to a still volatile Somali coastline posing a threat to the crew and ships.

A warning to stay clear from the Somali coast that remains a high-risk piracy zone was issued by officers from the European Union Naval Force visiting the UAE ahead of an international counter-piracy conference.

Vessels are moving closer to the Somali coastline because of reduced incidents of pirate attacks and to save money and fuel, said officers aboard the Italian navy destroyer Andrea Doria, the Eunavfor’s flagship to combat piracy.

“It’s not good to see that the shipping companies are already moving so fast and so close to the coast of Somalia,” said Alessandro Mariani, a diplomat from the European External Action Service of the EU.

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