Fishermen return after pirate encounter

Unknown pirates rob fishing crew. 

Nha Trang fishermen return after harrowing pirate encounter at sea

By Hien Luong

Seven fishermen arrived home in central Vietnam Saturday exhausted and empty-handed after a harrowing ordeal with a group of armed pirates.

Captain Phan Quoc Hung, 35, pulled into Hon Ro Port in Nha Trang town, Khanh Hoa Province and immediately filed a report about a crew of foreign pirates that rammed and robbed his crew on December 2.

Hung said his crew set sail on November 10 to fish for tuna in the water around the Truong Sa Archipelago (Spratly islands) off the coast of Khanh Hoa Province.

Hung said his men set out among a flotilla of local boats and didn’t catch much. In the end, they decided to hang around the islands to continue fishing instead of heading back with the group.

While fishing around the islands their vessel was rammed by an unmarked boat. Armed men brandishing guns quickly rushed aboard and forced Hung and his crew onto their boat while they fleeced their refrigerated hold.

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