US, China in piracy drills

Closer ties at sea to pay dividends.

Maritime joint anti-piracy drill of Chinese and American navies

Web Editor: Wang Fan

The Chinese and American naval ships sent their observers and liaison officers to each other to observe and experience the sailing organization, position watch, daily commanding and deployment, summarized and commented on the drill in the Gulf of Aden on December 12, 2014, marking a closure of the Sino-US maritime joint anti-piracy drill. Captain Staff, commander of the destroyer formation of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson taskforce of the United States Navy, and other five people took a boat and boarded the guided missile frigate “Yuncheng” of the Chinese Navy on the same day.

While making summary and comments, both sides had in-depth discussion about the current escort situation in the Gulf of Aden, and reached a consensus on such aspects as joint escort, anti-piracy cooperation and exchanges, safeguarding and responding to common maritime challenges by the Chinese and American navies.

Captain Staff and his entourage also visited the Chinese warship “Yuncheng”.

This is the third time for the Chinese naval escort taskforce to conduct the maritime joint anti-piracy drill with the United States warship since it performed escort missions in the Gulf of Aden and waters off Somali coast.

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