Did 2014 signal the end of physical piracy?

Short answer… no.

Did 2014 signal the end of physical piracy?

Compared to the number of attacks that occurred between 2009 and 2013, 2014 was a relatively tempered year as far as oceanic piracy is concerned.

Statista noted 445 instances of ocean liners being infiltrated by pirates in 2010. Last year, that number decreased to 72 – a signal that the contentious environment that has stirred apprehension among procurement management officers and other professionals involved with the supply chain has largely decreased.

The question is: Are distributors out of the water? In order to determine whether ships can freely traverse the globe’s waters without taking precautions to protect themselves against pirate attacks, it’s important to assess whether ocean-bound plunderers are simply employing new tactics or are hitting other logistics assets.

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Source: strategicsourceror.com

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