Eagle launches Eagle Yacht Hardening

New product announced. 

Eagle Hardening and Security Systems launches Eagle Yacht Hardening

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With the maxim: “As safe as houses” the company has developed a bespoke solution to give yacht owners an extra peace of mind when sailing.

LAS PALMAS GC, CANARY ISLANDS; April 15, 2015 –  Eagle Hardening and Security Systems (EH&SS), has developed a system focused on covering the needs of yacht owners in terms of security and comfort. Making use of the experience and feedback given by customers the team developed a new smart system that runs 24/7 without the need of supervision, managing all the on board-security personnel and equipment from a single station, giving the crew an extra level of control.

The system, named “Eagle Yacht Hardening” (EYH) is a set of already proven technologies that have been adapted to fit the requirements of this kind of boats. The system is tailor made, based on each customers’ preference, where several items are common to all installations:

  • Security management software
  • Smart electronics

The Security management software shows real time status of the boat as well as records and tracks all the activity both on-board and surroundings. This way intrusions or theft attempts are detected and deterred before they happen, without the need of patrolling,  on-site inspection or action to be made by the crew.

With the Smart electronics the system can communicate with any security or surveillance device such as motion sensors, gps/satellite emergency systems or thermal cameras to decide the behavior of each one based on the information provided.

For those customers that require an extra level of protection EYH has developed as well a series of systems to protect them from any kind of armed threat. All this systems are ultra light weight, certified, and can be installed on even the smallest boat on the market, being completely hidden, they won’t change the look on the interior or exterior of the yacht.

EYH is already available and will be installed upon request anywhere in the world. For any doubt or inquiry please send an email to info@eagleshiphardening.com

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