Strait of Hormuz brings US, Iran closer

Major regional maritime choke point.

How security in Strait of Hormuz brings US, Iran closer

The Strait of Hormuz is the only outlet that connects the Gulf to the high seas, including to the Gulf of Oman. The strait was named after the Iranian Hormuz Island located at its northern tip.

The straits, Bab el-Mandeb, Suez and Gibraltar, are closely connected in terms of their operational roles. Any unrest in one strait is most likely to affect navigation in the others. The Strait of Hormuz has been facing particular challenges, which are mainly reflected in the ongoing tension between Iran and the United States, not to mention the threat of terrorist activities, sea piracy and organized smuggling movements.

As part of the US approach to Gulf security, the United States started, since the Carter Doctrine was issued in 1980, to reinforce direct military influence by increasing its maritime military presence in regional waters.

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