An international platform for global security

Leading event returns to London in April with a programme created to help those tasked with keeping nations, assets and businesses safe.


Security & Counter Terror Expo 2016: An international platform for global security


Over recent years the threat of terrorism has increased exponentially and today terrorist activity is undertaken on an almost a daily basis. In 2015 alone, there were more than 380 recorded terrorist attacks by violent non-state actors for political or unknown motives.


These attacks are now wide reaching and intercontinental. The Nigerian government is just one example, it has been combating the ever increasing Boko Haram insurgency for over a decade, while elsewhere the undercurrent of political instability in the Middle East continues to be a breeding ground for both Al-Qaeda and the so-called Islamic State.


Yet the advent of global terrorism has not been exclusive to war-torn and typically unstable nations. Over the past 12 months, Europe has played host to some of the deadliest attacks in its history. Paris has been the epicentre of terror activity with Islamic extremists carrying out a series of co-ordinated attacks at six locations, including the Stade de France stadium and the Bataclan Theatre in central Paris.


The threat is constantly evolving and is currently at a significantly high level worldwide. Following recent events in Europe, the issue of national security and counter terrorism is now firmly at the top of government agendas.


Returning to Olympia, London from 19 – 20 April 2016, Security & Counter Terror Expo, will help nations improve border control, critical national infrastructure protection, cyber security, major events, offender management, policing and counter terrorism, and the emergency services. It will showcase the latest cutting-edge technology and provide those tasked with protecting nations and assets with valuable knowledge through a series of conference sessions.


David Thompson, Event Director, said: “The recent global events have reminded us that the security can’t be taken for granted. Targets are becoming more diverse, as are the methods employed by those that seek to do us harm.


“With the safety of millions of people on their minds, security professionals have an increasingly important role to play as the threat evolves. Security & Counter Terror Expo 2016 is aligned with the Home Office’s seven security capabilities and will offer industry experts the perfect platform to source the latest technology, discuss important issues with likeminded peers and hear from the leading voices in security and counter terror policy.”


Innovation at Security & Counter Terror Expo

The exhibition has established itself as an international hub where the industry elite come together to identify the security sector’s most significant innovations and new product launches.


Security & Counter Terror Expo 2016 will showcase a wide range of product innovations from more than 240 exhibitors, including those supplying the latest in high security fencing, cybersecurity modelling, simulation and training platforms, surveillance control systems and drone technology. Geoquip, CLD Fencing, NEC, Aselsan and Jacksons Fencing are among the major multinational companies to already confirm their presence at 2016 show and will join more than 50 new exhibitors offering cutting edge services and security solutions to the industry.


This year visitors will find a number of exciting product launches. Having recently successfully completed 8.5km of security fencing and associated gates at the Eurotunnel Terminal, Coquelles, France, Jacksons Fencing will launch its full range of LPS 1175 SR1 – SR5 security rated fencing systems on stand K40.


Peter Jackson, CEO of Jacksons Fencing, commented: “Security & Counter Terror Expo acts as a broad and direct communication channel to one of our key markets, allowing us to engage with prospects, as well as existing clients. It is a great platform for us to showcase our latest innovations and provides us with a great insight into what’s happening in the security sector – all under one roof.”


Lincoln Security will be launching its latest range of locks, eLOQ, on stand C82. The devices are electronic and contain no wiring or batteries allowing them to be deployed anywhere, instantly. The solution also features unique electronic keys that can be programmed to open locks based on time and date restrictions, while also providing a full audit report of who has unlocked the eLOQ.


Also confirmed, HGH Systèmes Infrarouges will showcase its wide area surveillance systems, for critical infrastructure protection, based on its award-winning 360-degree thermal camera, the SPYNEL, and its automatic intrusion detection and tracking software, CYCLOPE. Speaking about the decision to return to Security & Counter Terror Expo 2016, Gildas Chauvel, Marketing Manager, said: ‘We are able to meet high level, influential security professionals who specialise in protecting critical national infrastructure and homeland security and the show affords us the opportunity to discuss our solutions with potential new customers.”


Discussing new strategies to tackle terrorism

With counter terrorism firmly in the spotlight, more than 400 security professionals from across the globe will attend the high-level paid-for World Counter Terror Congress, from 19 – 20 April 2016. Reflecting the international nature of the exhibition, the Congress will feature speakers from national, international and supranational institutions.


The World Counter Terror Congress will feature six sessions, covering policy and strategy responses to the changing terror threat; radicalisation, de-radicalisation and preventing radicalisation; geopolitical security briefings; encryption, communications and security; security for critical national infrastructure; and emerging terror networks and tactics.


Focusing on the four key areas outlined in UK government’s CONTEST strategy, the congress will be opened by John Hayes MP, the UK’s Minister for Security. As the person ultimately responsible for the country’s counter-terrorism, security, serious organised crime and cyber-crime strategies, he will deliver a speech on extremism, border security and international counter terror strategy.


A total of 29 high ranking officials and academics will lead the congress, providing invaluable trends and information. The leading security professionals are set to discuss a variety of topics such as extremism, border security and the UK’s international counter terror strategy. Covering current counter terror and security tactics, extremist propaganda, and the expansion of ISIS it is not to be missed.


Cyber security takes centre stage

Following the recent increase in cyber threats, Chancellor George Osborne pledged that the UK will spend £1.9bn over the next five years to deliver a series of initiatives to protect the economy and infrastructure, grow cyber companies, and deter adversaries.


Security & Counter Terror Expo will mirror these advances in the industry, showcasing cutting-edge technology and exploring the latest cyber security strategies at the free-to-attend Cyber Threat Intelligence Conference. Starting on April 19th, leading figures will discuss the latest solutions and strategies at the two-day conference. Presented by techUK, the representative body for the UK’s technology industry, the sessions will bring together all those who work to prevent cyber terrorism and crime.


Among the topics to be discussed will be an overview of global cyber security threats and how to mitigate against them, protecting the “smart” critical infrastructure and overcoming the cyber security skills shortage.


Key speakers will include Chris Gibson, Director at CERT-UK; Richard Parris, Chairman and Chief Executive of Intercede; Prof. Chris Hankin, Director at the Institute for Security Science and Technology; and representatives from the National Crime Agency’s National Cyber Crime Unit.


Talal Rajab, Programme Manager for techUK’s Cyber, National Security and Criminal Justice programmes, added: “What was once considered a niche area in the wider national security debate has emerged front and centre in many government’s priorities. Security & Counter Terror Expo offers the ideal platform for the industry to learn from some of the most prominent figures, while networking with key decision makers.”


Protecting critical national infrastructure

In addition to safeguarding the digital frontier, security professionals are tasked with the protection of critical national infrastructure (CNI). Terrorist groups continue to not only threaten civilians, but also communications networks, the emergency services, energy plants, financial institutions, governments, health services, transport links and natural resources.


The Critical National Infrastructure & Business Reliance conference will aim to aid public and private entities to identify, assess, prioritise, and protect critical infrastructure and key resources. Allowing them to detect, prevent, deter, devalue, and mitigate deliberate efforts to destroy, incapacitate or exploit a nation’s CNI.


The conference will feature a series of presentations examining the policy and strategy responses to today’s terror threat. Leading figures will discuss the latest advances in the protection of critical national infrastructure in Europe, staff responses to extreme events and the impact on national infrastructure organisations and critical information infrastructure protection in financial services.


Providing invaluable insight and information, more than 20 high ranking officials and academics will feature during the conference. Representatives from the likes of the National Counter Terrorism Policing HQ, the Home Office Centre for Applied Science & Technology (CAST) and the Israeli Ministry of Transport will discuss a variety of topics. The lively and engaging sessions will focus on the latest advances in the protection of critical national infrastructure in Europe, staff responses to extreme events and the impact on national infrastructure organisations. The potential for UAVs in the protection of critical aviation infrastructure will also be covered.


Driving the transport security agenda

Running alongside the Critical National Infrastructure & Business Reliance and Cyber Threat Intelligence conference, the Transport Security Live will focus on discussing effective security solutions for the global transport infrastructure.


The global terror threat is high and transport networks are a favoured target. The free-to-attend Transport Security Live Conference will showcase international case studies and the latest developments in protecting transport networks, transport hubs and passengers.


The conference will bring together the key stakeholders from government, police, aviation, maritime, public transport, and rail to discover best practice, the latest solutions and developments in transport security. Comment on the importance of Peter Cook, Chief Executive Officer, of the Security Association for the Maritime Industry said: “Terrorists will stop at nothing to cause maximum damage and that includes targeting critical national and global infrastructure.  Preventing these kinds of attacks has never been more essential especially as 90% of all global trade moves by sea.  Events like Transport Security Live are critical as they bring together a diverse group of professionals to exchange ideas in the hope of creating a safer and smarter transport network for all”.


Cook will be joined by the likes of Dvir Rubinshtein, Manager, Aviation Security Operation Centre, Israeli Ministry of Transport; Inspector Chris Boyle, Strategic Partnerships – Prevent, National Counter Terrorism Policing HQ; and Peter Cook, CEO, Security Association for Maritime Industry.


Witness cutting edge technology

Public and private sector buyers, influencers and government delegations from across the globe will be attending Security & Counter Terror Expo to explore how the latest technology will enhance their current and future security needs.


At Advanced Technologies Live, visitors will be able to see and hear more about the latest technologies and innovative solutions that the industry has to offer through a series of live demonstrations. Attendees can view latest innovations from the likes of Canon, The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory which is part of the Ministry of Defence, CEA and Sqaurehead Technologies


On the second day of the event, Security & Counter Terror Expo will collaborate with The UK Drone Show to showcase the latest drone technology for the first time in the show’s history. Attendees will see live demonstrations by some of the UK’s top drone operators and companies. Designed to showcase the very latest in aerial and terrestrial unmanned vehicles, this new area will allow greater flexibility for product demonstrations than ever before.


Richard Wright of the UK Drone Show said: “This is a very busy and exciting year for us, and the collaboration with Clarion’s Defence & Security Division brings our experience of the UAV/drone industry to a sector that will see huge benefits from this rapidly developing technology”.


David Thompson, Event Director, said: “The 2016 event is set to be the best yet. The calibre of speakers at this year’s show highlights that Security & Counter Terror Expo is the place to be for security professionals from across the globe.”


Security & Counter Terror Expo 2016 is co-located with Ambition – the EPRR Expo – and Forensics Europe Expo.


To register to attend or exhibit at the 2016 Security & Counter Terror Expo or for further information, please visit


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