SL Navy trains neighbours

Navy gives a specialized ship boarding training for the naval and coast guard personnel of Madagascar and Comoros

Upon the request of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, (UNODC) the Sri Lanka Navy is currently conducting a specialized ship boarding training for the naval and coastguard personnel of Madagascar and Comoros. This training is carried out by the Navy’s elite, Special Boat Squadron (SBS) in Trincomalee and at Sri Lanka Coast Guard Training Centre Mirissa.

As a result, six personnel from Comoros Coast Guard and another six personnel of Madagascar Navy along with an interpreter from Madagascar are being trained on procedures and tactics in relation to “Visit Board Search and Seizure” (VBSS). The training which was started on 03rd May 2016, will continue until the 28th of this month. This special training carried out on the recommendation of the UNODC, will become a positive approach for the Madagascar and Comoros defence personnel to fight against drug smuggling and sea piracy activities in the East African seas.

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