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  • Tanker stowaways: ‘Hijacking’ ends after special forces storm ship

    Seven people were detained when military forces stormed a tanker suspected to have been hijacked off the Isle of Wight. Sixteen members of the Special Boat Service (SBS) ended a […]

  • Thames Stowaways detained

    Nigerian stowaways in custody. Special Boat Service Storms Ship, Arrests Stowaways 25 Royal Navy Marines from the Special Boat Service’s X Squadron abseiled on to the Grande Tema from helicopters on Friday […]

  • SL Navy trains neighbours

    Navy gives a specialized ship boarding training for the naval and coast guard personnel of Madagascar and Comoros Upon the request of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, […]

  • Terror risk to Channel ferries

    Government sources admit they are concerned about security at ferry ports over fears that terrorists – thwarted by tightened airport security – will switch attention to shipping. Channel ferries at […]