Patrols between Honduras, Guatemala

For the last three years, the naval forces of the two nations have conducted monthly joint missions, with their regional commanders in constant communication.

Maritime Patrols between Honduras and Guatemala Continue Successfully

Iris Amador/Diálogo

In accordance with established plans that are updated twice a year, the Honduran and Guatemalan armed forces are meeting the stipulated timelines for their joint maritime patrol program goals in the Caribbean and along the Motagua River sandbar that runs into the Gulf of Honduras. The border and its problems, regardless of their origin, must be a shared responsibility, both nations affirm.

“For the last three years we have been doing binational patrols in this sector, whose maritime and land section is overseen by the Puerto Cortés Naval Base,” Honduran Navy Lieutenant Commander Jairo Enrique Laínez Ordoñez, the commander of the Puerto Cortés Naval Base on Honduras’s Atlantic coast, told Diálogo. The monthly patrols are the responsibility of the border units and incorporate strategies agreed by the two nations to counter threats that plague the region.

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