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  • Columbian Authorities Seize 2.5 Tonnes of Cocaine from Fishing Vessel Headed From Venezuela to Honduras

    November 28: Authorities seized approximately 2.5 tonnes of cocaine from a boat some 280 nm off the coast of San Andres, a Colombian island in the Caribbean Sea. Authorities found […]

  • Narcotics Trafficking Reduced in Honduras Following Strengthened Intelligence Sharing with US

    October 15: Cooperation efforts between Honduras and the United States enabled the blows dealt to transnational crime. “Besides the drugs seized, several operations helped seize weapons, narco-labs, airstrips, coca crops, […]

  • Honduran Authorities Seize 160 kg of Cocaine at Cortes Port

    June 05: Authorities seized 160 kg of cocaine hidden in a container at Cotes port. Authorities found the narcotics during a routine operation, aided by sniffer dogs. The container filled […]

  • Hondura’s drug seizures

    The Honduran Armed Forces’ naval shield wrapped up 2018 with the largest seizure of the year. Honduran Naval Force Deals Blow to Narcotrafficking in 2018 Kay Valle/Diálogo In a naval […]

  • The Northern Triangle

    Partner nations seek to protect maritime zones used as illegal trafficking routes for countries to the north. Northern Triangle Naval Forces Conduct Maritime Patrols Lorena Baires Naval forces from the […]

  • Patrols between Honduras, Guatemala

    For the last three years, the naval forces of the two nations have conducted monthly joint missions, with their regional commanders in constant communication. Maritime Patrols between Honduras and Guatemala […]

  • Sailors jailed in Honduras released

    US crew accused of smuggling guns were imprisoned. Sailors jailed in Honduras released Laura C. Morel TARPON SPRINGS — The crew of a Tarpon Springs shipwreck salvage company that languished […]

  • Drugs trafficking in the Caribbean

    An old route regains popularity with drugs gangs Drugs trafficking in the Caribbean ON MAY 9th American customs and border-protection officials launched an aerostat—a fat, tethered balloon—above the coast of […]

  • Honduras to define sea border

    Officials from Honduras and Jamaica will meet Thursday in the Caribbean city of Tela to define maritime borders, Honduran Foreign Minister Arturo Corrales said Monday. Honduras to define sea border […]