GoA & Indian Ocean

  • Attack Report

    Pirates are believed to have captured a Bangladeshi-flagged vessel in the Arabian Sea off the coast of India after it was chased and attacked on Sunday, Bangladesh’s shipping department chief […]

  • Preparing to deploy

    Seeking Support

    Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga  is seeking a meeting early next year to ask international actors to pull their weight in prosecuting Somali pirates arrested in the Gulf of Aden and Indian […]

  • Helicopter Rescue

    The US Navy destroyer “USS Shoup” came to the assistance of a Turkish ship, “MV 26 Agustos” after the vessel reported that pirates were on board and that the crew took […]

  • Anglo-American Support for Somali Coast Guard, Strategic Pragmatism or Problem?

    With the potential support of a privately-trained maritime force, are the US and UK manoeuvring towards a more pragmatic approach to the piracy problem in Somalia? On Tuesday 23 November […]

  • Skulls and Crossroads

    Skulls and Crossroads by Simon Jones As the 20ft Skiffs raced towards the Panamanian flagged Bulker, the occupants, dressed in a ragged mix of clothing, combat trousers, t-shirts, some with […]

  • Somalia Onshore: Where next for the transitional government, al-Shabab and the pirate industry?

    Somalia Onshore Where next for the transitional government, al-Shabab and the pirate industry? by Natznet Tesfay Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG) increasingly relies on outside support for its survival, which […]

  • African Union Can Remove Pirates Says Uganda

    In the AFP article “Send troops not navies to Somalia, says Uganda” James Mugume, permanent secretary at Uganda’s foreign ministry commented that the international counter-piracy missions offshore were “a good […]

  • Sailing Through the Pirate Zone

    This morning November 2nd Reuters reported a potential hijacking of a yacht  in the Indian Ocean with three British crew onboard, only ten days after the first anniversary of the […]

  • East African Fishing, With A Catch.

    EUNAVFOR recently confirmed that the Kenyan flagged fishing vessel the Golden Wave was hijacked on 9 October 2010, with 43 crew onboard. Considering the International Maritime Bureau’s statistics on the […]

  • Citadels Under Siege: Safe Rooms or Safety Hazards?

    “When placing crew in a citadel, the crew may not be rescued. You need to consider that fact.” – Commander Steve Paget, Canadian Navy. During an insightful “Combating Piracy Week” […]