• Négligences en Série

    L’enquête sur le naufrage du navire de croisière révèle que la tragédie a été provoquée par une succession de fautes. Costa Concordia : négligences en série De Dominique Dunglas, Le […]

  • Lifting the Concordia

    The companies in charge of one of the most expensive and challenging salvage operations ever planned, the removal of the luxury liner Costa Concordia from the granite rocks off the […]

  • Castaway Sues Cruise Line

    A Panamanian fisherman who survived 28 days adrift in the Pacific and watched two companions die is suing the owners of a cruise ship that sailed past. Castaway sues Princess […]

  • Crisis? What Crisis?

    The 114,500-tonne Costa Fascinosa, built by state-owned shipyard Fincantieri, has space for 3,500 passengers. An even bigger vessel, with 5,000 berths, should be ready in 2014 for a company that […]

  • Costa Fascinosa

    Entra in servizio la nuova ammiraglia di Costa Crociere. Con una cerimonia tenutasi presso la stazione marittima di Venezia, Fincantieri ha consegnato alla compagnia genovese la Costa Fascinosa, un gigante […]

  • Execute Passengers

    “We could hijack a passenger ship and use it to pressurize the public.” Documents detailing al Qaeda plans to seize criuse ships contain sections interpreted to mean that terrorists would […]

  • Seizing Cruise Ships

    Hundreds of documents were discovered by German cryptologists embedded inside a pornographic movie on a memory disk belonging to a suspected al Qaeda operative arrested in Berlin last year. Amongst them […]

  • Integridad Estructural

    “Reflotar el buque de crucero Costa Concordia de la costa Toscana es una de las mayores dificultades – se trata de una operación masiva y compleja que el mundo entero […]

  • Lifting the Concordia

    According to the CEO of Resolve Marine Group, “The Costa Concordia is a massive, international assignment that will involve hundreds of personnel including naval architects and engineers, highly experienced salvage […]

  • Costa Concordia Salvage

    The salvage plan, which still needs approval by Italian authorities, foresees removing the ship in one piece and towing it to an Italian port, Costa said. Costa Concordia to be […]