• Tragedy off Tuscany

    A message from the Secretary-General of BIMCO It is difficult to think of a worse nightmare than the pictures of the 114,000 GT Costa Concordia lying on her side as the sun […]

  • Under Threat

    Piracy is threatening the UAE’s coastal economy as attacks are being staged following a brazen and successful ship hijacking outside Salalah Port in Oman. Tim Stear, the global head of […]

  • Decking Pirates

    An elderly British couple recounted their scrape with pirates as they sought compensation for their ruined cruise back in 2009. The couple told how they joined other passengers in hurled […]

  • Remembering the Titanic

    The Northwest Atlantic is a unique maritime environment where the threat of icebergs, fog, severe storms and busy shipping lanes are a constant threat to mariners. It was 99 years […]

  • Spirit of Real Adventure

    The rather aptly named cruise vessel, “Spirit of Adventure” was caught up in a piracy scare while steaming from Madagascar to Zanzibar. Guests were ordered to take shelter below deck as […]