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  • Diplomats v Pirates

    The Philippines is the latest country to join intensified diplomatic efforts in the United Arab Emirates to support the international fight against maritime piracy. Upon the initiative of the Indian […]

  • Negotiating Concerns

    Sources close to the elders of the gang holding the Danish hostages from the sailing yacht “SY ING” have reported that the present negotiations between a Danish delegation in Bosasso […]

  • Making Contact

    The United States has joined with partners from 60 countries and international organizations at the United Nations in New York, for a plenary meeting of the Contact Group on Piracy […]

  • Hamburg Departs

    The German frigate Hamburg has finished as an EU NAVFOR warship after 116 days duty under the European Flag. She has been successful in all the assigned tasks. The crew of Hamburg […]

  • Israel to Help Kenya

    Following the Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria’s statement that his Government is prepared to assist Nigeria in combating terrorism (see MEND Threatens Ports), Tel Aviv has made a similar pledge to […]

  • Skiffs Destroyed

    Last week a Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) warship, the “USS Lake Champlain” (CG 57) destroyed two skiffs, and successfully disrupted the activities of a group suspected of planning acts of piracy. […]

  • Armed Action

    With the growth of pirate attacks, it is increasingly being seen that the most pragmatic solution to protect vulnerable vessels has been the deployment of armed security guards. This has prompted flag States […]

  • S.Korea to Discuss Piracy

    South Korea’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that representatives will attend a U.N. meeting to be held in New York next week to discuss counter-measures against piracy off the coast of […]

  • Heading Home

    The crew of “MV Jahan Moni”, freed last week after 99 days in captivity will be returning home from Oman today a day earlier than expected.  The good health of […]

  • Diplomatic Efforts

    The Philippines has joined intensified diplomatic efforts in the United Arab Emirates to tackle piracy as part of a drive by Dubai-based diplomats by the consul-generals of affected countries’ to […]