Industry Sector

  • S.Korea to Discuss Piracy

    South Korea’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that representatives will attend a U.N. meeting to be held in New York next week to discuss counter-measures against piracy off the coast of […]

  • Heading Home

    The crew of “MV Jahan Moni”, freed last week after 99 days in captivity will be returning home from Oman today a day earlier than expected.  The good health of […]

  • Diplomatic Efforts

    The Philippines has joined intensified diplomatic efforts in the United Arab Emirates to tackle piracy as part of a drive by Dubai-based diplomats by the consul-generals of affected countries’ to […]

  • Breathtaking Capabilities

    The British warship HMS Bulwark took a break from her busy training schedule to visit London this week. HMS Bulwark, the UK’s largest and most technologically advanced amphibious assault and […]

  • Attack on Oil Facility

    The Nigerian militant group MEND has claimed responsibility for an attack on an Agip facility in Niger Delta. The group have stated that the attack is the start of a […]

  • Joined Up View

    A European project to integrate existing national and transnational maritime surveillance systems is under way. The new, common maritime information sharing environment will benefit national coordination centers, Frontex and the European […]

  • Boycott Call

    Jan Hammer, chief executive of Odfjell Tankers, (which has 95 chemical tankers), has called for a boycott of the Suez Canal. An action they believe would force intervention in Somalia […]

  • N.Z Says N.O.

    New Zealand has turned down a United Nations request to provide a warship for piracy patrols, probably off the coast of Africa. Defence Minister Wayne Mapp said the navy had […]

  • A Fine Mess

    When IMO secretary-general, Efthimios Mitropoulos stated that more than 60% of ships were ignoring the recommended Best Industry Management Practice (BMP) it made alarm bells ring. The fact that so […]

  • Child Pirates

    In many war zones the term “child soldier” is commonplace. Now, it seems that the term “child pirate” is likely to gain similar currency. Indian authorities have been confounded to […]