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  • Atalanta takes wind out of pirates’ sails

    Pirates are a big danger for international shipping around the Horn of Africa. But in 2012, the number of attacks declined. One reason is heightened military presence – German soldiers […]

  • Suspected Somali pirates fire on Italian navy helicopter

    (Reuters) – Suspected pirates opened fire on an Italian navy helicopter on patrol off the east coast of Somalia, hitting a window and slightly injuring a pilot, the force said […]

  • Swiss Guards

    Three years ago the Swiss parliament voted against participation in operation Atalanta, yesterday Swiss shipping operators confirmed the hiring of armed security personnel to guard their vessels. Armed guards protect Swiss […]

  • Cycle of Violence

    As Western forces increase their military presence in Somalia, a number of locals and experts are concerned that the country will remain in a cycle of violence that fails to […]

  • Defence Commitment

    Estonia will keep its forces in the fight against piracy and other global struggles at the same levels next year while adding reinforcements to several other units. Under a new […]

  • Owners Unhappy

    PricewaterhouseCoopers has surveyed German shipowners, and the results show clear dissatisfaction with the current efforts to fight piracy. Of the owners questioned, just 17% believed the European Union’s naval mission […]

  • Anarchy at Sea

    A Voyage through Pirate-Infested Waters By Andreas Ulrich While the European naval mission Atalanta avoids definitive contact with the pirates who plague the waters around the Horn of Africa, shipping […]

  • Bon Voyage

    The Spanish Defence Minister, Carme Chacón, has praised the sailors on board the Spanish ship ‘Patiño’ bound for waters off the coast of Somalia. The defense minister made no secret of […]