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  • China Shifts Maritime Pressure To Japan And East China Sea With Record Intrusions This Year

    Japan’s Coast Guard says Chinese vessels entered its exclusive economic zone over 1,000 times this year China says the Senkakus islands have been an integral part of its territory since […]

  • Taiwan live fire drill

    Recent exercise causing fall out. Vietnam protests over Taiwan’s live-fire drill in Spratlys By Khanh Lynh, Hong Hanh Vietnam’s foreign ministry denounced Taiwan’s ongoing live-fire drill around an island in the […]

  • China rattles Japan

    Keeping the tension simmering. China warship sails near Japan-controlled islands Japan has summoned the Chinese ambassador in Tokyo, after a Chinese frigate sailed near disputed islands in the East China […]

  • PCG needs more assets

    To defend its claims in the South China Sea, Manila will need more white hulls. Why the Philippines Needs to Develop Its Coast Guard By Jay Tristan Tarriela In 2012, the […]

  • Japan’s balancing act

    Tokyo knows that any acceleration of its moves in the South China Sea will likely be reciprocated by Beijing’s tightening of the screws in the East China Sea. Japan’s Delicate […]

  • Russia-China drills end

    Russia Today unsurprisingly sings praises of joint exercise. Troops land from air & sea in spectacular finale to Russia-China naval drills A series of joint drills held by the Russian […]

  • China’s secret fleet

    China’s para-navy. Experts: China Continues Using Fishing Fleets for Naval Presence Operations By: John Grady WASHINGTON, D.C. — When you look at the thousands and thousands of fishing boats operating […]

  • Japan offers coast guard ships to Philippines

    Japan has no claim in the South China Sea but it is in dispute with China over small islands in the East China Sea. Japan in talks to deliver two […]

  • Japan, China relations sour

    Tensions rising over islands. Japan says ties with China ‘deteriorating’ over disputed islands Japan’s foreign minister has warned that ties with China are “significantly deteriorating”, after Chinese vessels repeatedly entered […]

  • Malabar set for June

    Japan is set to conduct naval exercises with the US and India in June in the East China Sea. Japan to conduct naval drills with US, India The joint naval […]