Tag: East China Sea

  • Cooler Heads

    The US has called for ”cooler heads to prevail” as tension intensifies between China and Japan over disputed islands in the East China Sea. US calls for ‘cooler heads’ in […]

  • Japan Buys Islands

    Media reports from Japan say the government has reached a deal to buy disputed islands in the East China Sea from their private owner. Japan government ‘reaches deal to buy’ […]

  • Island Dispute

    Several Japanese nationalists landed on a rocky island in the East China Sea which is at the heart of a territorial row with Beijing. Island landing sparks China protests Several […]

  • Challenging Disputes

    Maritime disputes between China and some neighboring countries have escalated in recent years. A number of factors have contributed to the current maritime challenge. This article offers a Chinese view of […]

  • Maritime Security Consultations

    Diplomacy dominates today’s newspapers, with coverage of the first round of regular consultations on maritime security between China and Japan being most prominent. China-Japan maritime talks Papers including Beijing News […]

  • Maritime Dispute

    China has dispatched two of its maritime security vessels to patrol the waters off disputed islands in the Pacific Ocean. Japan, which has administrative control over the uninhabited islands, has […]

  • East China Sea Disputes

    The potential for bilateral discord was evident in 2010, when a Chinese trawler collided with two Japanese coastguard vessels near the Senkaku islands, an uninhabited archipelago in the East China […]

  • Improving Marine Security

    Japan is considering giving patrol boats to the Philippines as part of its official development assistance (ODA) to help its Asian neighbor boost maritime security in the East China Sea […]

  • China Indicts Trawlerman

    Captain Zhang Qixiong, a Chinese trawlerman whose ramming of two Japanese coastguard vessels sparked a diplomatic showdown between Tokyo and Beijing, has been indicted by a Japanese court. Japan indicts Chinese trawlerman […]