Tag: EEZ

  • Pak Navy in drug bust

    Another large drugs seizure in the Arabian Sea. Pakistan Navy ship ASLAT seizes huge cache of drugs in North Arabian Sea By Hafeez Tunio KARACHI: Pakistan Navy Ship ASLAT seized 5,000 […]

  • Royal Fiji Navy boost

    Vessel refitted in Australia. Refurbished Naval Vessel Strengthens EEZ Security by NACANIELI TUILEVUKA The refurbished Royal Fiji Navy Kikau that’s due back home in April will strengthen the navy’s role […]

  • Fighting crime at sea

    Kingfisher maritime intelligence system fights organized crime on high seas Curtailing illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing Coastal countries face a group of wily opponents: illegal and unregulated fishing vessels, their […]

  • Safeguarding the fisheries

    Illegal fishing is a major issue in region. Australia, NZ support Solomon Islands Maritime Security Australia and New Zealand are continuing to supporting maritime surveillance and security patrols in Vanuatu […]

  • Pakistan claims HRA success

    Pakistan Navy says it remains committed to keep the high seas free from piracy. Navy Helps Pakistan Liberate From Piracy High Risk Area (sic) Salahuddin Haider Karachi—Pakistan Navy has succeeded […]

  • China’s 12nm limit and the USA

    What the United States actually hope to accomplish by sailing within 12 nm of Chinese claims in the South China Sea? South China Sea: What 12 Nautical Miles Does and […]

  • Puntland can secure maritime

    Puntland Maritime Police Force has excellent pedigree against piracy. Somalia: Puntland capable of securing maritime routes alone-Official Puntland Anti-Piracy Agency Director Abdirizak Mohamed Ahmed (Ducaysane) on Thursday said, Puntland will […]

  • Surveillance support for Mauritius

    Joint patrols with Mauritius CG planned. INS Teg to undertake operations in EEZ of Mauritius New Delhi: A stealth frigate of the Indian Navy, currently on a two-month long deployment […]

  • Somalia takes Kenya case to UN

    Natural resources at heart of issue. Somalia to Present Case at UN Court in Maritime Spat With Kenya by Mohamed Sheikh Nor Somalia, which has mainland Africa’s longest coastline, plans to […]

  • Progress in HRA controversy

    Countries hope to reduce size of High Risk Area. Progress in HRA controversy: CGPCS participants agree on process On the 13th of March an extra-ordinary meeting of the CGPCS was […]