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  • Houthis want to control key strait

    Key regional choke point. Houthis want to control key strait but it’s not that easy Amal Kandeel Attention is increasingly fixed on the Houthis’ advance in Yemen. Since last summer, […]

  • Unrest tempers Egypt’s Suez dreams

    Ongoing militancy in Sinai and terror threats against canal. Egypt’s Suez Canal Dreams Tempered by Continued Unrest Heather Murdock Seen as a potential driver of economic recovery, Egypt’s plan to […]

  • Muslim Brotherhood arrests at Suez

    Concern at possible terror links. 4 MB members arrested for taking photos of Suez Canal, security services Four Muslim Brotherhood members were arrested for photographing the navigation line of the Suez […]

  • Legal reforms needed for Suez Canal

    Project could stall without them. Egypt needs legal reforms for Suez Canal hub to succeed: consultant BY STEPHEN KALIN AND MICHAEL GEORGY (Reuters) – The consultant on a project to […]

  • Houthis threaten Red Sea countries

    Yemen’s geographical position makes it a key player in region.  Houthis’ advance threatens Red Sea countries Walaa Hussein CAIRO — In light of the current crisis in Yemen and the […]

  • Egypt seizes Russian ship

    Investigation follows attack on naval ship.  Egypt seizes Russian ship amid navy attack investigation Navy forces, along with sovereign authorities, imposed strict security measures on a trade ship hoisting the Russian flag, […]

  • Egypt: Navy ship attacked by gunmen

    Suspected Islamists attack Egyptian Navy. Egypt: Navy ship attacked by gunmen in Mediterranean Gunmen have attacked an Egyptian navy ship in the Mediterranean Sea, state media say, leaving five servicemen […]

  • Time for a New Suez Canal

    Plans for major new expansion of shipping route. Time for a New Suez Canal, Egypt Says CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt said on Tuesday it plans to build a new Suez […]

  • Egypt to receive missile craft

    Egypt will soon receive the first two of four Ambassador IV fast missile craft from the US Egypt to receive Ambassador IV missile craft Egypt will soon receive the first […]

  • Passage of U.S. Warships

    The chief of the Suez Canal Authority has said Egyptian authorities cannot prevent passage of the U.S. warships through the canal according to the 1888 Constantinople Convention of the Suez […]