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  • The Chinese Version

    According to the Chinese Communist Party media outlets, the cargo ship Zhongyuan Yazhou has been rescued by the Egyptian navy after it was attacked in the Suez Canal Muslim Brotherhood hijacks Chinese vessel […]

  • Vessels Advised to Heighten Security

    Heightened security should be implemented now on all merchant ships transiting the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean, a UK Maritime security company has warned Masters of merchant vessels advised to […]

  • Suez Canal Security

    In the restless Sinai Peninsula, militant groups have seized a perceived moment of weakness to launch a fresh round of attacks against Egyptian authorities. The eyes of the commercial maritime industry […]

  • IMO threatens to blacklist Sokhna Port

    The International Maritime Organization (IMO) threatened Tuesday to put Sokhna Port on its blacklist of unreliable ports as striking workers closed the port for the sixth consecutive day. “We now […]