• Turned Off

    New AIS advice from EUNAVFOR and NATO [citing IMO Resolution A.917(22)] states “the Master has the discretion to switch off the AIS if he believes its use increases the ship’s […]

  • Pirate Whaler Destroyed

    On 28 March 2011, the EUNAVFOR Spanish warship ESPS CANARIAS disrupted a suspected Pirate Action Group (PAG), consisting of a whaler-style boat and a skiff, 260 Nautical Miles North-West of […]

  • New Chinese Milestone

    The Chinese Navy has reached another milestone as it attempts to enhance its operational experience and international image. A Chinese warship has escorted a World Food Program shipment along coast […]

  • Hamburg Departs

    The German frigate Hamburg has finished as an EU NAVFOR warship after 116 days duty under the European Flag. She has been successful in all the assigned tasks. The crew of Hamburg […]

  • German Addition

    The German frigate ‘Niedersachsen’ has joined the European Union’s counter-piracy naval force operating in the Indian Ocean. It is equipped with extensive self defence and has two Sea Lynx MK-88 […]

  • Safe Arrival

    The recently released crew of the “Rak Afrikana” has arrived safely into Mombasa. During the rescue effort “Rak Afrikana” had begun to take on water and eventually sank, the crew […]

  • Disruptive Influence

    On 5th March, an EU NAVFOR aircraft and the EU NAVFOR French warship FS NIVOSE disrupted a suspected pirate whaler off the Somali coast. The whaler was suspected of leading […]

  • Pointing The Finger

    Ecoterra, an organisation run by volunteers from in and outside Somalia, has become increasingly high profile as its piracy reporting  has become the mainstay of many a news source. Given the recent taking […]

  • Flagging Concerns

    Is the shipping really doing “everything it can” to stave off pirates? While fingers are pointed by some owners at the navies, it seems the blame game is not as […]

  • Start for Finnish

    February 1st marked the beginning of a new era in the Finnish Navy when FNS POHJANMAA joined EU NAVFOR Operation ATALANTA. This is the first time the Finnish Navy has […]