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February 1st marked the beginning of a new era in the Finnish Navy when FNS POHJANMAA joined EU NAVFOR Operation ATALANTA.

This is the first time the Finnish Navy has ever participated in an international naval military operation with a warship.

Finland has been contributing to Atalanta since the beginning of the operation with Finnish officers working in Force Headquarters as well as Operational Headquarters in Northwood.

FNS POHJANMAA is the flagship of the Finnish Navy. It was built in 1978 and commissioned into the Finnish Navy in 1979.

She has a displacement of 1400 tonnes and a length of 79 metres. Her crew consists of 90 sailors, and the commanding officer is Commander Mika Raunu.

FNS POHJANMAA is well fitted to protect and escort vulnerable vessels, especially those of the World Food Program.

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