End Piracy Now

The ITF issued a heartfelt “Thank you” last month to the million people who have put their signature to the petition calling on governments to take steps to end piracy.

They had originally been looking to get around half that figure – but thanks to the real groundswell of global outrage the support far outreached their wildest dreams, smashing the target of ½ million signatures and reaching almost one million signatures!

The petition was delivered to the IMO, to serve notice that action is needed. Words, signatures, good intentions…sadly none of these will rid the seas of the Somali scourge – but it’s a start. Having unified, determined and engaged weight of support is the only way to force change…and hopefully this will prompt a rethink on the current rules of engagement, and indeed the very strategy which is failing to take a grip. In fact a swift response from the Secretary General was received pledging that UN would ‘spare no effort’ in tackling piracy.

The letter and message was also sent to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, highlighting the urgent need for governments worldwide to work together to end piracy

For further information about the campaign please visit www.endpiracynow.org.

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