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  • AGMS controversy continues

    Vessel authorized to carry 100 guns and 60,000 rounds had as many as 816 guns and over 200,000 rounds. Sri Lanka’s coalition govt in deep water over arms ship scandal […]

  • Job loss claim following armoury closure

    Claims made by former Avant Garde manager. ‘Around 5,000 jobless due to Avant Garde closure’ Rasika Somarathna A senior former official of the Avant Garde Maritime Security Services yesterday said […]

  • Floating armoury deal pulled

    The Avant Garde investigations are part of a wide probe of allegedly corrupt deals. Sri Lanka scraps security firm’s deals on running floating armories BY SHIHAR ANEEZ Sri Lankan President […]

  • Floating armoury: minister resigns

    First major casualty in ongoing case. Lankan Law and Order Minister Resigns Over Floating Armory Case By P.K.Balachandran COLOMBO: The Sri Lankan Law and Order Minister, Tilak Marapana, resigned on […]

  • Armory Weapons Could Flood Black Market

    As HRA shrinks and PMSCs go out of business, what happens to their weapons? Armory Weapons Could Flood Black Market The recent decision by the Contact Group for Piracy off […]

  • Avant Garde saga continues

    Company provided floating armoury services to PMSCs. Sri Lanka: Avant Garde Sordid Saga & the National Security D.M.S. Dissanayake, Senior Assistant Secretary in the Defence Ministry and the officer-in-charge of […]

  • Floating armoury probe continues

    Investigations into Avant Garde Maritime Services to continue Tharushan Fernando Co-Cabinet Spokesperson,Minister (Dr.) Rajitha Senaratne stated that at the meeting held with the heads of the Government , the President […]

  • Sri Lanka travel ban over arms ship

    Investigations continue into floating armoury used by many PMSCs. Sri Lanka travel ban for Gotabhaya Rajapaksa over arms ship A court in Sri Lanka has banned Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the former […]

  • Sri Lanka floating armoury investigated

    Investigation to begin this week. Shocking revelations of deep security state within the State Defence Ministry-sponsored private army links up with private maritime company supplying arms Huge armouries of private […]

  • SL Coup Theory Alive With Arms Discovery

    Floating armoury used by PMSCs detained. SL Coup Theory Alive With Arms Discovery By P K Balachandran COLOMBO: The discovery of huge caches of arms and ammunition on board a vessel […]