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  • Keeping track

    Why it’s so hard to keep track of ships that get up to no good Ioannis Chapsos, Coventry University South Korea recently seized two oil tankers that it says were […]

  • Fighting crime at sea

    Kingfisher maritime intelligence system fights organized crime on high seas Curtailing illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing Coastal countries face a group of wily opponents: illegal and unregulated fishing vessels, their […]

  • On the trail of the ghost ships

    On the trail of the ghost ships Timothy Compston discovers that more and more ships are turning off their AIS (Automatic Identification System) or even switching their identities completely to […]

  • Ghost ship fears

    Windward data cause for concern. ‘Ghost ships’ spark European terror fears FIONA HAMILTON Hundreds of ships are sailing into European waters after suspicious manoeuvres near terrorist hot spots, prompting fears […]