Tag: Horn of Africa

  • Military Movements

    The latest contingent of South Korean troops began anti-piracy operations in waters off Somalia, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JSC) said Tuesday. The 300-strong contingent aboard the 4,400-ton destroyer “Munmu” […]

  • Spanish Deployment

    The Spanish warship “SPS INFANTA CRISTINA” joined Operation ATALANTA off the Horn of Africa this week having previously been deployed to the operation in the autumn of 2010. “SPS INFANTA […]

  • Premium Pains

    Insurance premiums due to piracy have doubled the costs of transporting goods past the Horn of Africa, maritime experts have reported. The cost increase could fuel another price hike on […]

  • Back Home

    Nearly 500 Royal Navy sailors have arrived back in Portsmouth on board two warships after more than six months at sea. “HMS Richmond” has been involved in anti-piracy operations off […]

  • Anarchy at Sea

    A Voyage through Pirate-Infested Waters By Andreas Ulrich While the European naval mission Atalanta avoids definitive contact with the pirates who plague the waters around the Horn of Africa, shipping […]

  • Armed Security – a credible deterrent to Piracy

    by Paul Gibbins, Director of Communications, Protection Vessels International At the recent conference ‘Combating Piracy’ in Hamburg, the shipping industry heard the brutal truth that when it comes to piracy, […]

  • Blockade Calls

    US Senator Mark Kirk, has been sharing more thoughts on piracy after his fact-finding trip to the Horn of Africa. He thinks the U.S. Navy should put a total blockade […]

  • Heading Home

    The Finnish Navy’s flagship, the mine-laying vessel “Pohjanmaa”, has concluded her high profile participation in the EU-led Operation Atalanta off the Horn of Africa. The task of the Pohjanmaa in […]

  • Silent Battle for the Seas

    According to some naval experts the fight against piracy off the Horn of Africa, the Gulf of Aden and in the Indian Ocean could lead to a new balance of […]