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  • Turkey and the Horn of Africa

    Emerging Interests and Relations 28 June 2012 – 15.00 – 17.30  Chatham House Turkey’s influence in the Horn of Africa, and especially in Somalia, has grown. This expert roundtable will […]

  • PAWW Report

    The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) has issued the Piracy Analysis and Warning Weekly (PAWW) Report (Horn of Africa) for the period 24 – 30 May 2012. The Piracy Analysis […]

  • Piracy and Terrorism

    Two decades have passed since Americans last worried about instability in the Horn of Africa, today Americans and the international community are drawn back toward Somalia and her people as Islamic […]

  • Fight Them on the Beaches

    The German government has given the green light to the extension of the European Union’s anti-piracy operation off the Horn of Africa. Warships and helicopters are to be permitted to […]

  • Rise in Somali Piracy

    While there was an overall decline in worldwide pirate activity, figures gathered by risk mitigation company AKE show a notable rise in incidents off the Horn of Africa. March Sees Rise in […]

  • 80% of Pirates Freed

    Fewer than one in every five suspects picked up around the Horn of Africa over the past four years have been prosecuted for piracy-related offences. The figures place doubt on […]

  • Attacks on Land

    The European Union has agreed to expand its mission against Somali pirates by allowing military forces to attack land targets as well as those at sea. According to the BBC’s security […]

  • Tanker Threat

    According to specialist “Jihadist monitoring” company, Site Monitoring  – there have been calls amongst the jihadist community to strike maritime targets. The jihadists have called for attacks on oil tankers, […]

  • Terror Links

    The Combined Maritime Forces suspect Somali pirates may be linked to international terrorist groups, the Royal Thai Navy’s force on an anti-piracy mission in the Arabian Sea believes. A Thai […]

  • Aid Fears

    The fear of being captured by Somali pirates is complicating aid deliveries to the famine-ravaged Horn of Africa. Sulaiman Shamseldin, the director general of the Kuwait-based International Islamic Charitable Organisation […]