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  • Yemen threatens more ships

    Yemen “navy” doesn’t really exist, but anti-ship missile threat all too real. Yemeni Navy ‘to target intruding vessels’ The Yemeni Navy has warned Saudi Arabia and its regional allies against […]

  • US Navy move to Red Sea

    Fuzzy and contradicting details surround the brazen attack on the high-speed catamaran. Report: Navy Sending Ships To Mandeb Strait Following HSV-2 Swift Attack BY TYLER ROGOWAY Fox News is reporting […]

  • Yemen: Vessel hit by missile

    Emirati military acknowledges boat under its command was involved in an “incident” in strategic Bab al-Mandeb Strait. Yemen: Houthis claim attack on UAE military vessel Yemeni fighters say they have […]

  • Aden refinery resumes work

    66,000 tonnes of crude delivered to Aden refinery. Yemen oil refinery resumes operations Aden // Aden’s oil refinery resumed operations Sunday, more than a year after the armed conflict between […]

  • U.S. Navy Intercepts Yemen-Bound Arms Smugglers

    Third major arms haul in region. U.S. Navy Intercepts Yemen-Bound Arms Smugglers The U.S. Navy announced Monday that the coastal patrol ship USS Sirocco intercepted and boarded a stateless vessel […]

  • WFP ship arrives in Yemen

    Aid desperately needed. U.N. says aid ship docks in Yemen after diversion to Saudi Arabia A World Food Programme (WFP) ship carrying humanitarian aid offloaded its cargo in Yemen on […]

  • WFP ship released by Saudis

    Ship was carrying humanitarian supplies to Yemen for the World Food Programme. Irish ship held by Arab coalition forces released Lorna Siggins An Irish-owned ship which was detained by Arab […]

  • Air strike hits Yemen oil port

    Main complex at Ras Isa not hit. Yemen oil port fire from Saudi-led air strike kills at least nine An air strike by a Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen killed […]

  • Coalition takes Hanish from Houthis

    Improved security for vessels transiting Bab el Mandeb, Southern Red Sea. Arab coalition seizes Yemeni Red Sea islands from Houthis, Saleh Arab coalition forces have captured a Yemeni Red Sea […]

  • Yemen port opens again

    Hodeidah severely bombed by Arab coalition forces. Yemeni port says first ship in weeks arrives, Saudi denies hampering aid by sea Officials at Yemen’s Red Sea port of Hodeidah said […]