Tag: maritime terrorism

  • Terror Fear

    A senior U.S. Navy officer is warning that piracy may become an increasingly dangerous and expensive problem, especially if it intersects with terrorism. “There are people that are interested in […]

  • Tanker Threat

    According to specialist “Jihadist monitoring” company, Site Monitoring¬† – there have been calls amongst the jihadist community to strike maritime targets. The jihadists have called for attacks on oil tankers, […]

  • Terror Links

    The Combined Maritime Forces suspect Somali pirates may be linked to international terrorist groups, the Royal Thai Navy’s force on an anti-piracy mission in the Arabian Sea believes. A Thai […]

  • Future Strength

    The Centre for Economics and Business Research think-tank has predicted that the amount of international trade Britain conducts by sea could soar as we forge stronger links with emerging markets. […]

  • Pirate links to al-Shabab

    The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Leon E. Panetta has told the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Terrorism that piracy off the coast of Somalia is possibly funding the […]

  • Oil Change

    The UAE ¬†is set to support the government of Somaliland in efforts to stop youths being lured away from home out into sea piracy and terrorism. The current lack of […]

  • Blame Game

    The ITF has criticised Flags of Convenience and their role in the fight against piracy. They claim that pirates count on poor shipboard conditions to raid and capture under-crewed, under-prepared […]

  • Rolling Totals

    The Rolling Total of reported maritime security incidents continues to grow, and the following are the figures up the end of April 2011. They make grim reading, as you might […]