Tag: MV Dover

  • Family Deal

    Pirates have spoken of a deal being reached for the release of the Danish yachting family. Sources close to the pirates confirmed that they had reached a ransom deal with […]

  • Stock Rotation

    According to media reports the Greek bulk carrier “MV Dover” could soon be released from pirate control. The vessel was hijacked off Oman in February, with 23 crew onboard. If […]

  • Seafarers Plight

    The suffering of seafarers held hostage along the famine stricken coasts of Somalia is almost forgotten amidst the aid battles fought in the capital and the media and only to […]

  • Ill Treatment

    Two Danish hostages held since February were reported to be ill but their captors were not willing to let a doctor see them, according to reports. The Danish woman and […]

  • Hostages Alive

    A Danish reporter has met the Danish family being held hostage by Somali pirates and they seem to be well. The reporter is said to have been allowed to visit […]

  • Dover Taken

    MV DOVER has been pirated in the North Arabian Sea At approximately 0600Z on 28 February, the Bulk Cargo Carrier MV DOVER was pirated approximately 260 nautical miles North East […]