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  • AdvanFort case rumbles on

    Still no release for Seaman Guard Ohio men. Judge to rule on whether Liverpool man trapped in India after gun-running accusation can return home By Lorna Hughes Paul Towers has been […]

  • Maritime Security at a Crossroads

    PMSCs and a shrinking market. Maritime Security at a Crossroads Guest Article Somalia remains a failed state. Poverty, the absence of enforced law and psychopathy masquerading as a just cause […]

  • AdvanFort men to come home?

    Hopes India will finally release guards. Family of Nick Dunn hopes Indian court will allow him home The family of a British man stuck in India, despite being cleared of […]

  • Gunfire locator system fitted on escort vessels

    Company provides vessel security in Southeast Asia. Zycraft meets counter-piracy requirements with gunfire locator system fitted on escort vessels Ridzwan Rahmat Singapore-based maritime security company Zycraft has equipped its escort […]

  • Fake firearms certificates in India exposed

    Company allegedly offering forged certificates. Vashi institute faking AK-47 training busted By: Sandip Kolhatkar Pune-based maritime consultant warned cops after man seeking job approached him with cert claiming training in […]

  • AdvanFort blames insurers

    Crew have not been paid by Advanfort since November 2013. Insurers have abandoned our crew, claims Advanfort By Gary Howard from London Private Maritime Security Company (PMSC) Advanfort says that its insurers have […]

  • Maritime charities appeal for Seaman Guard Ohio crew

    Crew now held for over 500 days.  Maritime charities appeal for action for MV Seaman Guard Ohio crew Indian authorities acting unlawfully with continued detention of MV Seaman Guard Ohio crew: maritime […]

  • Sri Lanka travel ban over arms ship

    Investigations continue into floating armoury used by many PMSCs. Sri Lanka travel ban for Gotabhaya Rajapaksa over arms ship A court in Sri Lanka has banned Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the former […]

  • Controversy over floating armories

    Row over AGMS continues.  Controversy over floating armories By  Kishani Samaraweera Floating armory discovered in the Galle Harbor made headlines since several allegations were made regarding its legality. However, Leader […]

  • MAST warns that ships are still at risk in Indian Ocean

    Despite focus on SE Asia, concerns over IOR remain. MAST warns that ships are still at risk in Indian Ocean Maritime Asset Security & Training (MAST) has warned that ships […]