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  • Nigeria to detain foreign guards

    Life becoming harder for Western PMSCs. FG to detain ships entering nation’s territorial water with foreign guards By Godwin Oritse LAGOS — THE Federal Government has said that it will not […]

  • Floating armoury investigation ongoing

    AGMS operates floating armoury used by PMSCs. More disclosures on previous Govt’s private army PM directs Minister of State for Defence to conduct full probe, CID detectives question retired senior […]

  • Bastion announces new platform

    Platform to simplify PMSC selection process. PRESS RELEASE Bastion announces new platform Malta-based maritime security brokerage Bastion International has created an online platform where shipping companies can trade with security […]

  • Former AdvanFort man in witch hunt

    No sign of freedom for former PMSC operatives. Witch Hunt Started Against Us, Claims Wigton Man Stranded in India By Emily Parsons A man stranded in India claims he is […]

  • Floating armouries deemed unsafe

    Despite operating without incident for some time, report has concerns. Floating arsenals designed to protect shipping from pirates deemed unsafe Report warns that vessels full of weapons for hire are […]

  • Floating arsenals

    How safe are floating armouries? Floating arsenals: The boats full of guns for hire against pirates The MNG Resolution may not immediately catch the eye but it is one of […]

  • Ambrey Risk one of fastest growing firms

    PMSC ends year on a high.  Ambrey Risk ranked one of UK’s fastest growing firms Girija Shettar UK maritime security firm Ambrey Risk has been ranked as the eighth fastest growing company […]

  • State Jurisdiction Over PCASP

    Legal frameworks governing private security at sea. Maritime Security: State Jurisdiction Over PCASP By Simon O. Williams, LLM Various types of state jurisdiction can be enforced under the United Nations […]

  • The anatomy of protection

    Given recent piracy incidents in S.E. Asia and West Africa, this timely guide may be of interest to readers.  Bulletproof Vest Protection for Maritime Security By SafeGuard Armour While maritime […]

  • PMSCs forced to adapt

    Falling demand sees a cut-throat market. Maritime guns for hire adapt to changes in sea piracy (Reuters) – Cash-strapped maritime security firms are being forced to use fewer costly elite […]