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  • Russia’s nuclear-powered icebreaker

    Russia’s plans to build the world’s biggest nuclear-powered icebreaker could attract more trade to the country, says a leading UK analyst. The new ship is meant to be more efficient […]

  • Russia to Defend Tartus

    An Interfax news report has quoted a Russian navy official as saying that two vessels are nearly ready to head for port of Tartus in Syria to protect Russian nationals […]

  • China-Russia Cooperation

    Highlighting warming ties between their militaries and growing cooperation in international affairs, former Cold War rivals for leadership of the communist world China and Russia launched a joint naval exercise […]

  • Russia to keep warships off Syria coast

    MOSCOW: Russia will keep a permanent naval presence off Syria’s coast to match the growing number of Western warships monitoring the 13-month crisis, a top defence official said Friday. “A […]

  • Naval Partners?

    Greece desperately needs a reliable long-term source of revenue. While western investors beat a retreat, state-owned Russian and Chinese companies have gone bargain-hunting. A 30- or 50-year deal that provides […]

  • Selling Helicopter Carriers to Russia: Is France Creating a Mistral in the Black Sea?

    According to Russia Today, French defence company DCNS has won a Russian Defence Ministry tender with the amphibious assault ship Mistral. [1] If it goes ahead, the deal would be […]

  • Russian Presence

    Russia will continue its anti-piracy missions with Russian warships patrolling commercial shipping routes off the Somali coast, Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has said. The president cited two reasons for the […]