• Turning Tide

    The unrelenting rise in piracy attacks could be stemmed, if the speech of a British minister is any indication. Foreign Office Minister Henry Bellingham, speaking to the British Chamber of […]

  • Transparent Fears

    With shipowners increasingly employing armed guards, there have been calls for greater transparency about their use. Serious concerns have been voiced over the presence of guards leading to an escalation […]

  • Independent Assessment

    The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) has announced the independent assessor which will manage the accreditation process for its member companies. Speaking to Lloyd’s List, SAMI said accreditations would […]

  • Piracy Progress

    The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) welcomes the IMO’s progress on its revised guidance and recommendations for the use of privately contracted armed security on-board ships. Following last […]

  • Safe Places

    BMP4 places great emphasis on the role of citadels…which is great, but far too few people know what they really are. The guidance states that professional input is necessary to […]

  • Latest MSR InDepth

    This week, rather than a briefing or an analysis, we’re distributing the Security Association for the Maritime Industry’s (SAMI) guide to BMP4. Written by Steven Jones, the guide covers the […]

  • Use of Force

    There are many who believe that having armed guards onboard can pose risk of an escalation of violence, but does this tell the whole story? Speaking in Lloyd’s List, Paul […]

  • Citadel Saviour

    Pirates attacked two tankers off the coast of Benin as they were undergoing a ship-to-ship transfer. The vessels involved were the mother ship ‘Golden Sofia’ and the daughter vessel ‘Aidin’. […]

  • Going Live

    The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) recently launched a new website, www.seasecurity.org. SAMI is a non-governmental organization that represents a wide range of members such as maritime security […]

  • Privateer Fear

    The Marshall Islands has spoken out on the issue of flagging “private navies”. They have refused to register a proposed fleet of privately-armed anti-piracy vessels. Feeling that until the IMO […]