• Regulate or Regret

    According to George Orwell,“People sleep peaceably in their beds only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf”. The famous quote was heard at the IMO today, […]

  • Liability Issues

    While the use of arms on ships has seen some begrudging acceptance, there is still the small matter of legality to consider. The biggest underlying concern for owners and masters […]

  • Standard Bearers

    The call for maritime security firms to come together to create a code of conduct and ethics, has been answered by the launch of the Security Association for the Maritime […]

  • New association for maritime security industry formed

    Maritime security consultant Peter Cook recently announced the formation of the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI); SAMI will help establish rules and regulations in the fledgling maritime security […]

  • SAMI: taking on the pirates

    SMT Online Web Exclusive 25 Feb 11 The world’s oceans are a ‘super highway’ for trade, but that also renders them a magnet for piracy. Consultant Peter Cook explains why […]