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  • Undersea surveillance

    Sensors to detect submarines mooted. Does India Want an ‘Undersea Wall’ to Detect Chinese Submarines? Abhijit Singh Is India planning to install undersea surveillance sensors in the Bay of Bengal? […]

  • Australia boosts defence

    Regional concerns and China’s push see spending spree. Australia to boost defence spending Australia has announced a surge in defence spending, a move that reflects concern over military expansion in […]

  • China, subs and pirates

    Can you fight pirates from beneath? U.S. Questions Chinese Submarines on Anti-Piracy Missions By Aiswarya Lakshmi U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander, Admiral Scott Swift questioned the motive behind China deploying submarines […]

  • The Chinese Submarine Threat

    What is the scale of the threat to U.S. supercarriers of China’s growing undersea capabilities? The Chinese Submarine Threat By Ben Ho Wan Beng There has been extensive debate in […]

  • Japan wants to build submarines in Australia

    Offer to train engineers to maintain vessels. Japan seeking to build submarines in Australian shipyards By Ryan Maass WASHINGTON, Oct. 1 (UPI) — Japan’s Ministry of Defense will submit a […]

  • China’s Indian Ocean toehold

    Does the sale represent a step in China’s possible ambitions to have a toehold in the Indian Ocean? Revealed: Why China Is Selling Submarines to Pakistan By Benjamin David Baker […]

  • Anti-Submarine Ops in Indian Ocean

    There is a shared realization that strategic stability in maritime Asia can no longer be taken for granted. Anti-Submarine Operations in the Indian Ocean By Abhijit Singh As India and […]

  • India, Australian naval drills

    First India-Australia naval exercises signal strategic shift. India-Australia Drills Targeting Submarines Rattle China By Nc Bipindra & Natalie Obiko Pearson India and Australia will focus on anti-submarine warfare in their […]

  • Thailand’s Navy needs to get ship-shape

    Ongoing debate over submarine purchase plan. Thailand’s Navy needs to get ship-shape Kavi Chongkittavorn JUST IMAGINE these two scenarios: an aircraft falling from the sky into the Gulf of Thailand, […]

  • Subs in IOR no threat: China

    China said that the vessels were part of anti-piracy operations while downplaying the ‘string of pearls’ theory to contain India. Submarine deployment in Indian Ocean no threat to India: China […]