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  • Thai Navy to buy Chinese subs

    Opt to ‘buy local’ despite regional tensions. Thai Navy votes to buy three Chinese submarines worth $1 bn Bangkok: Thailand’s navy has voted in favour of buying three Chinese submarines worth US$1 billion, […]

  • China hiding subs in S China Sea?

    China creating bastion to hide subs? China may be trying to hide its submarines in the South China Sea BY STUART LEAVENWORTH BEIJING — For months, China’s visible construction of artificial […]

  • Navy Alert to Chinese Nuclear Submarine Threat

    Ongoing Chinese presence concerns India. Navy Alert to Chinese Nuclear Submarine Threat in Indian Ocean Written by Vishnu Som NEW DELHI:  Convinced that the presence of a Chinese nuclear powered attack submarine […]

  • RSN concerned over sub proliferation

    RSN concerned over sub proliferation IMDEX 2015: RSN warns of risks in submarine proliferation in Asia, proposes operational framework Ridzwan Rahmat, Singapore – IHS Jane’s Navy International Singapore has warned that […]

  • China to deploy range of ships in IOR

    China irritated by media reports. China to deploy range of naval ships in Indian Ocean BEIJING: Riled by reports of the US sharing intelligence with India over movements of Chinese […]

  • US keeps tabs on Chinese subs

    Chinese subs in Indian Ocean still cause for concern. US helping India keep tabs on Chinese submarines in Indian Ocean The United States is regularly updating India on Chinese submarine […]

  • Why Taiwan needs submarines

    Country currently using ageing Dutch vessels. Why Taiwan needs submarines – Analysis By Dean Cheng In 2001, President George W. Bush’s Administration agreed to a major arms sale to Taiwan. […]

  • The undersea arms race

    Maritime spats ‘stirring undersea arms race’ Raul Dancel Territorial disputes in the East China Sea and South China Sea are fuelling a build-up in submarine fleets that can spark more […]

  • Sea-based nuclear weapons in Asia

    Sea-based nuclear-weapon delivery platforms are set to proliferate in the Indo-Pacific. Sea-based nuclear weapons in Asia: Stabiliser or menace? Rory Medcalf On this day in 1945, the first nuclear weapon […]

  • Drug smuggling submarines

    Drug smugglers up the ante in their illegal trade. Narco-Submarines: Innovative technology by Drug Cartels Op-Ed by Byron Ramirez and Dr. Robert J. Bunker Drug cartels today are much more […]