Controversy over floating armories

Row over AGMS continues. 

Controversy over floating armories

By  Kishani Samaraweera

Floating armory discovered in the Galle Harbor made headlines since several allegations were made regarding its legality. However, Leader of the House, Lakshman Kiriella cleared the air stating that setting up of the companies, Rakna Lanka and Avant Garde Maritime Services and also that the recruitment of personnel and the payment of taxes and other dues had been done properly and therefore there is no issue as to the legality of the whole operation.

MP Kiriella further elaborating on the matter has stated permission has been given by the Ministry of Defence to Rakna Arakshaka Lanka to deploy sea marshals and also recruited retired military officers due to increase of the threat of sea pirates. He mentioned that deploying of sea marshals has been done in accordance with the provisions and standards as required by the International Maritime Organization of the UN in the Circular MSC1/Circ/1443.

Floating armories are known as a kind of a vessel used to store weapons, ammunition, and related equipment such as body armor and night vision goggles for use by Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC). They are not purposely built, but alter have been converted and retrofitted.

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